Postsecondary Electronic Transcript and Eligibility Tool: eTranscript California - Shared screen with speaker view
Jimi Gilroy
You are welcome to join our other webinars. The information for the California Data System Webinar Series can be found on our website -https://cadatasystem.wested.org/meeting-information/webinar-series
Jimi Gilroy
Please fill out the survey with your input by April 28 - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZZRHBPM
Liz Guillen
Please let us know if you will share these slides for us to review as we craft our comments into the various formats you just described. Thank you. ~ liz
Kathy Booth
We will post the introductory slides to the project website.
Jimi Gilroy
You can find the Meeting Materials posted on our website for today’s webinar -https://cadatasystem.wested.org/meeting-information/webinar-series
Jimi Gilroy
We will also post the webinar recording for you on the website once it is available.
Jimi Gilroy
Thank you for joining today! Feel free to write any questions you have in the chat throughout the webinar. We will also leave time at the end for questions and answers.
Valerie Lundy-Wagner
Any chance we can get information about the number of students that use e-Transcript CA 2.0? Can we get more detail on the 102 institutions using this service (i.e., what type of institutions)?
Brian Guerrero
Do institutions exchange an individual’s transcripts, or does the individual “own” her transcripts and manage and send them out from her account?
Elise Crane
Is it possible to get the e-transcript data in the form of a certified excel file versus certified PDF?
Tom Vu - AICCU
would be interested to know how non-participating 4-year institutions can participate in this program.
Valerie Lundy-Wagner
Information about the growth in use of eTrancscipt (and other systems that will be presented) over time would also be helpful along with # of institutions participating, # of students served by institution type, and as a fraction of all students needing verification annually.
Su Jin Jez
Are there employers that participate in eTranscript?
Jimi Gilroy
Thank you for your questions! I will raise them with the facilitators in a moment and one of them will already be addressed on the next few slides.
Brian Guerrero
Follow-up question: My concern is that, if the individual doesn’t own and manage her own ILR, then it becomes basically an educational credit report - institutions gather data on me, they exchange my data, and I have little ability to control my own data.
Brian Guerrero
There. Alex just acknowledged my concern. Thanks.
Elise Crane
My assumption, which could be incorrect, is that individual submit the request for e-transcript.
Valerie Lundy-Wagner
Brian - that's an interesting question. Can you restate from the point of view of a student with a real life issue? I'm not sure I'm following and am intrigured.
Valerie Lundy-Wagner
Or intrigued :)
Chris Furgiuele
Some institutions like AZ state are leveraging blockchain technology to exchange student records. How does transcript 2.0 compare to that? https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2019/07/09/arizona-state-tackling-college-completion-blockchain
Valerie Lundy-Wagner
Is it possible for the facilitators to organize the advantages/benefits of each of these platforms for the audience? This information is great, but it's a lot of disparate information and you organizing it against the goals or purpose would be helpful for those of us trying to figure out how to make the best possible decision.
Valerie Lundy-Wagner
You could organize in terms of: access, governance, cost, etc.
Liz Guillen
Is there info about where in the K-12 system that school counselors and students do NOT have CCGI accounts?
Kathy Booth
We'd be happy to do a comparison summary, send it out, and post it to the website in advance of the meetings. Please weigh in on any criteria that you would like to see highlighted!
Jimi Gilroy
Thank you for the suggestion. I will bring it back to the team and we may be able to create a rubric or other tool if that is helpful. I will reach out to you directly Valerie?
Valerie Lundy-Wagner
It would also help us contextualize numbers in an "apples to apples" way. Is 102 institutions more than 80-something thousand students?
Valerie Lundy-Wagner
Apple’s iPad
what is an API
Su Jin Jez
Kathy - for criteria, I'd love to see who the target users and main uses are for each tool side-by-side (aka institutions to use for providing credit towards a degree, for educators to use to understand student course experience, for employers to use to understand student skills, etc.)
Carolyn Kubish (CDSS)
It stands for Application Program Interface; it has to do with the interaction between two systems.
Valerie Lundy-Wagner
Love that comment Su Jin!
Susan Savage
API is Application Programming interface and is a tool that allows for systems to securely connect
Colleen Moore
I've seen/heard little discussion of the cost of developing/implementing the proposed tools for practitioners. Given that cost will (or at least should) be one criterion for the advisory groups/Workgroup to consider in finalizing decisions about "what we're building" in phase 1, what are the plans for providing that information? In the context of COVID-19 and its implications for the state budget/economy, the importance of doing the most with the existing $10 million investment seems even more relevant to the Workgroup's decisionmaking.
Luis Enrique Flores
While a lil' overwhelming, this flowchart is a nice visual to reference.
Valerie Lundy-Wagner
Is slide 13 showing there is 1 general tool (eTrans CA) to support transcripts in the CCCs, 5 in the EC-K12 space, and in 4 in the 4-yr space?
Valerie Lundy-Wagner
Is he talking about the middle EdExchange?
Luis Enrique Flores
How would, say, military (joining the armed forces) or corrections (incarceration) data be housed (if applicable/appropriate)? ...as it relates to one's journey...(may have missed it if mentioned earlier)
Su Jin Jez
What does the relationship to licensing boards look like?
Elise Crane
I think this would be taken care of based on the Edexchange if resolved in API via block chain (AZ example).
Susan Savage
Building on Colleen's question - which components of this is already built and would not require new $? Are there also data governance groups already instituted?
David Rattray
how compatible would/is EdExchange with institutions throughout US, world
Rigel Spencer Massaro, Public Advocates
Is the proposal Alex and Mark are describing, in terms of connections to CCGI and other expansions, in writing anywhere?
Jimi Gilroy
Thank you for all of your questions. If we don’t get to it here, you can also reach out to the presenters directly.
David Rattray
Licensing Board good question. Should be a priority. This connects us to employers and completers in a valuable way
Su Jin Jez
Related to Luis Enrique Flores' question - (how) is non-credit coursework included?
Valerie Lundy-Wagner
Would it also be possible for these webinar pitches to begin with a simple description of the problems the SLDS is attempting to address, so that we can understand the extent to which these tools fill in the gap (in concept, coverage, and cost) more clearly.
Susan Savage
Yes, thank you.
Kathy Booth
To answer Rigel's question, it is outlined in the background paper for this month's Workgroup meeting.
Elise Crane
I would still like to figure out how to get the data via excel, or similar format. I think this would be helpful for many professions, including nursing, k-12 teacher certification (verification process), and the early care and education field which requires certain types of coursework.
Luis Enrique Flores
Thanks for answering the question (re: MIL/incarceration)!
Kathy Booth
To answer Liz's question (Is there info about where in the K-12 system that school counselors and students do NOT have CCGI accounts?), there will be a webinar tomorrow devoted to CCGI.
Elise Crane
Can you please provide a link to more information about block chain? It is starting to be used a bit in general terms without context.
Jimi Gilroy
Please feel free to reach out to Alex Jackl at the California Community Colleges’ Chancellor’s Office, Executive Consultant/EdTech Data Governance at ajackl@cccco.eduor Natasha Nicolai from the Department of Social Services, Chief Data Strategist at Natasha.Nicolai@dss.ca.gov or (916)654-2125
Jimi Gilroy
The slides for this webinar will be available online on our website and the meeting recordings will also be available. You are welcome to join our other webinars. The information for the California Data System Webinar Series can be found on our website -https://cadatasystem.wested.org/meeting-information/webinar-series
Barney Gomez
For CCC, please contact Barney Gomez as the POC, please.
Alex Jackl-CCCCO Data Governance
Jimi Gilroy
Thank you for the clarification. Please contact Barney Gomez at bgomez@cccco.edu for information about eTranscirpt California.
Su Jin Jez
Thank you!
Matthew Linzer
Thank you Jimi. Looking forward to contacting EdExchange folks on what third party assessments were performed.